Beady Eyed Buzzard

Words and Music by Eddie Snyder and Richard AhlertPerry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!
Roncom Music Company
Perry Como with The Anita Kerr Quartet
Arranged by Anita Kerr
Produced by Chet Atkins
Recorded in RCA Victor's "Nashville Sound" Studio, Nashville, Tennessee
Recording Engineer: Chuck Seitz and William Vandevort ( not confirmed )
Final Recording Time 2:15
Recorded June 23rd, 1965   ~ Matrix No. SPA4 2559 Take 1 +
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "Seattle" LSP- 4183 STEREO JUNE 1969 
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "Seattle" CUSTOM EDITION DRL1-0010 STEREO 1971
Album Notes: Perry's 1969 "Seattle" album is a compilation of unreleased tracks recorded in Nashville and New York and assembled here in support of his surprise hit record from the Screen Gems TV production "Here Come the Brides". The Recording Engineer listed on the "Seattle" album appears to be incorrect and it's more probable that the original Engineers from "The Scene Changes" were used for Perry's 1965 recording of "Beady Eyed Buzzard".

Chronological Notes: In June, 1965, Perry recorded six songs in a Nashville follow-up session to his successful first album "The Scene Changes" recorded at the beginning of that year. For one reason or another, an album never resulted from these sessions and he returned to New York in the Fall of 1965 for his first recordings with Nick Perito and A&R Producer Andy Wiswell, where two songs of the Nashville recorded songs "Bye, Bye Little Girl" and "Meet Me At The Altar" were re- recorded in Webster Hall on November 12th, but this time with Nick Perito conducting and The Ray Charles Singers as background vocalists. Of the six songs recorded in Nashville, only two were released as a single during the summer of 1965, "Oowee, Oowee" and it's flip side "Summer Wind" charting in the United States at No. 88. Perry never recorded again with Anita Kerr or the very distinctive Anita Kerr Quartet.

Seattle ~ 1969Seattle ~ Custom Edition 1971

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