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The decade of the 1980s brought with it the final demise of the recorded "single" as a concept. Despite several attempts to revive it with single music cassette tapes and small limited selection compact discs, album recordings clearly displaced single sales. If actual "singles" were produced then their reason was to promote a specific album. A single record would often have the same song on both sides, one in monaural and one in stereo for radio play, but it was the album compilation of singles, featuring various artists, and not intended for sale, that proved to be the preferred format for promotional distribution to radio stations. In fifty years the times had certainly changed for Perry and the record industry, but his recordings throughout the 1980s proved second to none from anything he had recorded in the past.  For terms of reference this index contains a listing of essential Como songs during this period.

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Not While I'm Around



There'll Never Be Another Night Like This


When She Smiles

( The ) Colors of My Life

Save Me The Dance

Someone Is Waiting

You Are My World

Where or When

You Needed Me

Send In The Clowns

Goodbye For Now ( Love Theme from 'Reds' )


So It Goes

What's One More Time

As My Love For You

Here Comes That Song Again

The Second Time

Fancy Dancer

You Are So Beautiful

( The ) Best of Times

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Forever

Song On the Sand  ( La da da da )

Making Love To You

Do You Remember Me

           The Wind Beneath My Wings

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