Perry Como

1959 BBC Television
Show No. 54

Frank Gallop ~ announcer 
Lou Carter ~ pianist/arranger
Bobby Darin ~ popular singer 

          "Dream Along With Me" ~ Opening theme by Perry

"Take Me Out to the Ball Game" ~ Perry 
"I'll Never Smile Again" ~ Perry with Singers
"The Pig with the Apple in It's Mouth" ~ Lou Carter
"Dream Lover" ~ Bobby
"This Nearly Was Mine" ~ Perry 
"Saturday Night with Mr. C." ~ Lou Carter with Orchestra
"Split Your Sandwich with a Stranger" ~ Perry 
"Mabel" ~ Lou
"Selfish" ~ Perry 
"I Got a Rose Between My Toes" ~ Bobby 
"If I Had a Nose full of Nickel" ~ Perry & Lou 
"What's a Matter Wit Me?" ~ Perry, Lou & Bobby
"St. Louis Blues" ~ Perry
"You Are Never Far Away" ~ Orchestra
Perry Como
Orchestra conducted by Mitchell Ayres with The Ray Charles Singers
Air date: 8:00 PM May 1, 1959
UK Production: Philip Barker for the BBC

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