'Till The End of TimePerry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

Words and Music by Ted Mossman and Buddy Kaye, 1945
Adapted from Chopin's Polonaise No. 6 in A Flat Major
Anne-Rachel Music & Budd Music Corp. ~ ASCAP
Original single recording 1945 ~
With Orchestra Conducted by Russell Case
Produced by Herb Hendler
Recorded at Lottos Club, New York City
Recording Time 3:05
Recorded July 03, 1945   ~  Matrix No. D5VB-464 Take 1 - 1A
July 5, 1945 
A&R Production Herb Hendler
AFTERNOON 1:30 TO 4:45 PM 
Leader: Russ Case
Contractor: Union Musicians
Piano ~ Dave Bowman
Guitar ~ Frank B. Worrell 
Bass ~ Robert Haggart 
Drums ~ Johnny Blowers 
Sax ~ Henry Ross 
Sax ~ Murray Cohen 
Sax ~ Jess Carneel
Sax ~ Henry John D'Amico 
Sax ~ Herman Shertzer
Trumpet ~ Nat Natoli 
Trumpet ~ Bill Butterfield 
Trumpet ~ George Erwin 
Trombone ~ Will Bradley 
Trombone ~ Herbert H. Winfield 
Violin ~ Jack Gasselin 
Violin ~ Leo Kruczek 
Violin ~ Irving Prager 
Violin ~ Bernie Ocko 
Violin ~ Rudolph Bochco 
Violin ~ Harry Hoffman 
Viola ~ Harold Furmansky 
Harp ~ Ruth Berman
Single release: RCA-78RPM-20-1709-A ~
Single Flip Side: "( Did You Ever Get ) That Feeling in the Moonlight"
US Chart Position No. 1 ( 10 Weeks ) Chart Debut: August 18, 1945
UK Single release: HMV-78RPM-BD-1120 ( February 1946 )
Single Flip Side: "( Did You Ever Get ) That Feeling in the Moonlight"
Single release: RCA-78RPM-20-3299-B ( P-237 )
Single release: RCA-45RPM 47-2887 ( 1949 )
Single Flip Side: "Because
RCA Gold Standard Series  78/45-RPM-420/447-0108
Single Flip Side: "Because"
Album issue: RCA Generic 78 "Russ Case Collection Vol. 1" 1940s Folio Release
The Russ Case Collection Volume 1Original Box Set - 78 & 45 RPM
Notes: ~ " Ask Perry Como which of all the songs he's recorded is his personal favourite, and he'll answer: "Till the End of Time". Perhaps it's his sentimental favourite, but whatever the reason, this is the tune that fully deserves Perry's admiration, because this is the one that started it all. It launched his career as a major solo artist in 1945 and was the first of a continuing string of 13 Gold Records. If it sounds familiar, perhaps you first heard it as Chopin's Polonaise in A Flat, Op. 53. "
( notes from "The Incomparable Como" Readers Digest UK compilation 1975 )

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Time Magazine Article - March 18, 1946

Perry Como in Concert"Perry Como" medley 'Live' 1980 ~
Arranged and Conducted by Nick Perito
with Vocal Arrangements by Ray Charles
Live recording on location produced by Mike Berniker
Time 31:36 Side A and 28:42 Side B applause and talk included
Recording Engineer: Mike Moran
RCA Mobile Unit: Ron Olson and Tom Brown
Mastering Engineer: Mike Posner
Recorded 'Live' at the Mill Run Theatre, Niles, Illinois, July 29th, 30th, 31st, 1980
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "Perry Como Live On Tour" AQL1-3826 STEREO 1981
Note: The opening Overture ( Como Medley ) includes: Till the End of Time / Round and Round / Catch a Falling Star / Prisoner of Love / Temptation / Hot Diggity / It's Impossible arranged and conducted by Nick Perito
Live On Tour ~ 1980

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