TemptationPerry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

~ from the MGM film "Going Hollywood"
Music by Nacio Herb Brown and lyrics by Arthur Freed , 1933
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1st recording 1945 ~
V-Disc Recording
At the beginning of World War II, the War department, through the Army Services Forces Special Services Division, distributed thousands of shellac phonograph records (V DISCS) to Army Forces throughout the world. Shortly after the Army's program started, the U.S. Navy became involved in the program, appointing E.P. DiGiannantonio to run the Navy, Marine and Coast Guard programs.
V-Disc Record Number ( Not Issued )
Serial No. VP 1219 D5TC 168-1
Recorded circa Mid February, 1945
"Chesterfield Supper Club" Radio Broadcast
NBC Studios, New York City
Perry Como - vocal refrain
with Ted Steele's Orchestra
Recording Time u/k
Trumpets: George Shellenberger and Melvin "Red" Solomon
Trombones: Tim Murphy and Thomas Reo
Saxes: Fred Dornbach, Sal Franzella Jr., Edward Hellman,
Artie Owen and Stan Webb
Violins: Max Ceppos, Robert Freda, Isidore Gralnick, Sid Harris,
Samuel Rand, and Max Senofsky
Viola: Samuel Persoff
Piano: Thomas Speledore
Guitar: Tommy Kay.
Bass: Frank Carroll ( Carvana )
Drums: Terry Snyder
Harp: Ruth Hill
Vocal Group: The Satisfiers ( Helen Carroll, Ted Hanson, Art Lambert and Bob Lange )

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In December 1944, Perry Como began a long association with the Liggett and Meyers Tobacco Company and its "Chesterfield Supper Club" series on NBC Radio ( Monday to Friday, 7:00-7:15 P.M. ). During the V-Disc years, accompanying orchestras included those of Ted Steele, Lloyd Shaffer, Carl Kress and Mitchell Ayres. Ted Steele's Orchestra accompanied Perry on the Chesterfield broadcasts from December 11, 1944, through to July 27, 1945.
2nd recording 1945 ~
With Orchestra Conducted by Ted Steele
Produced by Lew Martin
Recorded at RCA Victor Studio 2, New York City
Recording Time 2:41
Recorded March 27, 1945  ~  Matrix No. D5VB - 166  Take 1A - 1B
Lyrics ~ 1945 Version
March 17, 1945 
A&R Production Lew Martin
MORNING  9:00 AM  TO 1:00 PM 
Leader: Ted Steele
Contractor: Lewis Martin
Sax ~ Arthur Owens 
Sax ~ Fred Dornbach 
Sax ~ Sal Fransella
Sax ~ Stanley Webb 
Sax ~ Edwin Hellman
Trumpet ~ Melven Solomon 
Trumpet ~ George Shellenburger 
Trumpet ~ A. William Graham 
Trombone ~ Thomas Reo 
Trombone ~ Timothy Murphy 
Violin ~ Samuel Rand 
Violin ~ Sidney Harris 
Violin ~ Mac Ceppos 
Violin ~ Isadore Gralufek 
Violin ~ Max Senofsky 
Violin ~ Robert Freda 
Viola ~ Samuel Persoff 
Cello ~ Emil Borsody
Piano ~ Thomas Speledore
Drums ~ Terry Snyder 
Bass ~ Frank Caruana 
Harp ~ Ruth Hill
Single release: RCA-78RPM-20-1658-B
Single Flip Side: "I'll Always Be With You"
US Chart Position No. 15
Re-issue: 78RPM-20-1919-A with flip side "Goodbye Sue"
UK Single release: HMV-78RPM-BD-1153 ( November 1946 )
Single Flip Side: "Surrender"
Single release: RCA-78RPM-20-3298-B ( P-237 )
Single release: RCA-45RPM 47-2886 ( 1949 )
Single Flip Side: "Prisoner of Love"
RCA Gold Standard Series  78/45-RPM-420/447-0105
Single Flip Side: "Prisoner of Love"
Perry's first recording of "Temptation" was one of his earliest Gold Records and was released initially as the "B" side to a song which was destined to obscurity in comparison with this performance. "Temptation" was later re-released as an "A" side to the re-release of Perry's very first song with RCA Victor titled "Goodbye Sue" that had been recorded during the American Federation of Musicians ( AFM ) recording ban in 1943. It was almost thirty years before Perry would record "Temptation" again, once in the studio for his 1974 album "Perry" and then again in 1980 during 'live' performance for his album "Perry Como Live On Tour". The 1974 arrangement was modern, up-tempo, and one of Perry's earliest recordings in Quadraphonic discrete 4-Channel Stereo.
The Russ Case Collection Volume 1Original Box Set - 78 & 45 RPM
In 1945, as World War II drew to a close, Perry Como burst on the popular music scene with three records that each sold a million copies. One was a wartime novelty song based on a phrase that comedian Bob Hope had made popular  A Hubba-Hubba-Hubba. The second was the soaring adaptation of a Chopin Polonaise Till the End of Time. And the third was this fine song by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown, composers of such movie hits as Singing in the Rain, Alone, and You Were Meant for Me. Bing Crosby introduced Temptation in the 1933 film Going Hollywood, but this recording made it a popular classic.  And the Como version served notice on Frank Sinatra and Dick Haymes that a new top-rank male singer had arrived on the scene and intended to stay.
( notes from "The Incomparable Como" Readers Digest UK compilation 1975 )

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3rd recording 1974 ~
Arranged and Conducted by Nick Perito
with The Ray Charles Singers
Produced by Pete Spargo
Recorded in RCA's Studio "C," New York City
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
Recording Technicians: Joe Lopes and Tom Brown
Recording Time 2:30
Recorded April 29, 1974   ~  Matrix No. DPA1-1440 Take 1 +
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "Perry" CPL1\CPD1-0585 STEREO\QUAD 1974
Lyrics ~ 1945 Version
Single release: RCA-45RPM-PB-10045-A
Single Flip Side: "In These Crazy Times"
Charted Adult Contemporary No. 28
This durable standard, brilliantly updated, sounds as fresh today
as when it was a million seller for Perry back in 1945.
Now, as then — as always — it is the personal property of one Perry Como.
Perry ~ 1974
Perry Como in Concert3rd recording 1980 'LIVE' ~
Arranged and Conducted by Nick Perito
with Vocal Arrangements by Ray Charles
Live recording on location produced by Mike Berniker
Time 31:36 Side A and 28:42 Side B applause and talk included
Recording Engineer: Mike Moran
RCA Mobile Unit: Ron Olson and Tom Brown
Mastering Engineer: Mike Posner
Recorded 'Live' at the Mill Run Theatre, Niles, Illinois, July 29th, 30th, 31st, 1980
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "Perry Como Live On Tour" AQL1-3826 STEREO 1981
Note: The opening Overture ( Como Medley ) includes: Till the End of Time / Round and Round / Catch a Falling Star / Prisoner of Love / Temptation / Hot Diggity / It's Impossible arranged and conducted by Nick Perito
Live On Tour ~ 1980

Lyrics ~ 1945 Version

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