Prisoner of Love 1945/1946 recordings

Music by Russ Columbo and Clarence Gaskill with lyrics by Leo Robin, 1931
Edwin H. Morris & Co. & Colgems-EMI Music Inc. ~ ASCAP
1st recording 1945 ~
With Russ Case and His Orchestra
Produced by Eli Oberstein and Herb Hendler
Recorded at RCA Victor Studio 2, New York City
Recording Time 3:25
Recorded December 18, 1945   ~   Matrix No. D5VB - 991  Take 1 - 1A
December 18, 1945 
A&R Production Eli Oberstein
AFTERNOON 1:30 TO 4:45 PM 
Leader: Russ Case
Contractor: Union Musicians
Viola ~ Howard Kay 
Viola ~ Henry Pakaln 
Cello ~ Maurice Brown 
Harp ~ Zepp Moscher
Guitar ~ Danny Perri 
Piano ~ Sam Liner
Drums ~ John Williams 
Violin ~ Jacques Gasselin 
Violin ~ Bertrand Hirsch 
Violin ~ Harry Hoffman 
Violin ~ Samuel Rand 
Violin ~ Kurt Dieterle 
Violin ~ Les Kruczek 
Sax ~ Frank Trumbaur 
Sax ~ Russell Banser 
Sax ~ Murray Cohen
Sax ~ Jess Carneel 
Sax ~ Paul Ricci
Trumpet ~ George Erwin 
Trumpet ~ John Lausen  
Trumpet ~ Anthony Natoli 
Trombone ~ William C. Rank 
Trombone ~ Will Bradley 
Bass ~ Robert Haggart 
Single release: RCA-78RPM-20-1814-B
Single Flip Side: "All Through the Day"
US Chart Position No. 1 ( 3 Weeks ) Chart Debut: March 30, 1946
Single release: RCA-78RPM-20-3298-A ( P-237 )
Single release: RCA-45RPM 47-2886 ( 1949 )
Single Flip Side: "Temptation"
RCA Gold Standard Series  78/45-RPM-420/447-0105
Single Flip Side: "Temptation"
Collectables Single release: COL-045817
Single Flip Side: "Because"
Album issue: RCA Generic 78 "Russ Case Collection Vol. 1" 1940s Folio Release
The Russ Case Collection Volume 1Original Box Set - 78 & 45 RPM
Perry's career was skyrocketing in 1946 when this stunning performance of a Russ Columbo favourite
was issued. It became an immediate hit, sold well over a million copies, and was a must at any Como
appearance. So even Perry was amazed when he forgot the words while singing it at a concert in
Cleveland in 1971. 'Can you imagine me forgetting the words to Prisoner of Love,' he said, grinning,
after the show. 'I used to work with the idiot cards ( prompting cue cards ) on my TV show all the time,
and I guess I just came to depend too much on them.' It's never happened again, and a good thing too
Prisoner of Love remains one of Perry's most requested songs to this day.
( notes from "The Incomparable Como" Readers Digest UK compilation 1975 )
Note: ~ introduced and featured by Russ Columbo in 1931, recorded for Victor.
Perry was a friend of the composer and revived the song in 1946 with a best selling record
which remained on "Your Hit Parade" for fifteen weeks, achieving gold record status.
He performed this song many times on his radio and television shows and, apart from
duplicating his recorded performance for the War Time V-Disc program, he never recorded
the song again for RCA Victor until his 1970 'live' Las Vegas performance in 1970.

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2nd recording 1946 ~
V-Disc Recording
At the beginning of World War II, the War department, through the Army Services Forces — Special Services Division, distributed thousands of shellac phonograph records (V DISCS) to Army Forces throughout the world. Shortly after the Army's program started, the U.S. Navy became involved in the program, appointing E.P. DiGiannantonio to run the Navy, Marine and Coast Guard programs.
V-Disc Record Number CS-656-B
Serial No. JDB 74 D6TC 5168-1
Recorded circa February, 1946
"The Pause that Refreshes On the Air"
CBS Radio Broadcast
Liederkranz Hall, New York City
Perry Como - vocal refrain
with André Kostelanetz and His Orchestra
Recording Time 3:12
Russian born André Kostelanetz immigrated to the United States in 1922 and began his long
affiliation with the CBS network in 1932. He married coloratura soprano Lily Pons in 1938
and she was often featured with the Kostelanetz orchestra on its radio shows and Columbia
recordings. On December 1, 1940, André Kostelanetz and his orchestra ( with violinist Albert Spaulding )
inaugurated the Coca Cola Company's "Pause That Refreshes On The Air" series on
CBS ( Sundays, 4:30-5:00 P.M. ). These programs were broadcast from Liederkranz Hall
until 1947 and featured Kostelanetz' 45 piece orchestra, chorus and guest vocalists and
instrumentalists. Arrangements were by Kostelanetz, Herb Quigley ( to late 1944 )
and Joe Glover ( after early 1944 ).
In December 1944, Perry Como began a long association with the Liggett and Meyers Tobacco Company and its "Chesterfield Supper Club" series on NBC Radio ( Monday to Friday, 7:00-7:15 P.M. ). During the V-Disc years, accompanying orchestras included those of Ted Steele, Lloyd Shaffer, Carl Kress and Mitchell Ayres. Ted Steele's Orchestra accompanied Perry on the Chesterfield broadcasts from December 11, 1944, through to July 27, 1945.

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