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Bacharach, Burt

Bacon, Michael

Baker, Theodore

           Barbour, Dave

Baring-Gould, Sabine

Barnes, Howard

Barris, Harry

Barroso, Ary Evangelista

Bart, Lionel

Bartolucci, Monsignor Domenico

Barton, Marge

Belafonte, Harry

Belline, Dominick

Benjamin, Bennie

Bennett, Roy C.

Beretta, Luciano

Bergman, Marilyn and Alan

Berlin, Irving

Bernard, Felix

Bernstein, Leonard

Biesel, Gerard Andre

Bigard, Barney

Blackwell, Dwayne

Blackwell, Rani

Blane, Ralph

Bloch, Ray

Bloom, Rube

Blossom, Henry

Bock, Jerry

Boland, Clay

Bond, Carrie Jacobs

Bonfa, Luiz

Bonner, Gary 

Boscoli, Ronaldo

Botkin, Jr., Perry

Bourke, Rory

Bowen, John G.

Bower, Maurice "Bugs" 

Bradford, Johnny

Bradley, Ben J. 

Bradtke, Hans

Bricusse, Leslie

Briggs, John

Brooks, Jack

Brooks, Joe

Brooks, John Benson

Brooks, Harry

Brooks, Phillips

Brown, George R.

Brown, L. Russell

Brown, Lew 

Brown, M.P.

Brown, Nacio Herb

Brunies, Henry

Buck, Richard Henry

Burch, Fred

Burke, Joe

Burke, Johnny

Burnett, Ernie

Burt, Alfred

Butterfield, J. A.

Bygraves, Anthony


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