Sunday In the ParkPerry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

~ from the Stage Musical "Pins and Needles"
Words and Music by Harold Rome, 1937
With Ted Weems & His Orchestra
Recorded February 22, 1938 for Decca in New York
Single release: DECCA No. 1694
Single Flip Side: "Sissy" ( Elmo Tanner )
The Decca Years ~ 1936 to 1941

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Sunday in the Park

< instrumental opening  > 
Sunday in the park,
all week long we keep on looking forward to
the happy things we do,
it's such a lark,
on Sunday in the park . . .

Sitting in the sun,
with the trees and grass and flowers everywhere
and lots of room to spare,
we have such fun,
on Sunday in the park . . .

Rich folks go away to the country, you know,
when the days get hot
but we all decided that we wouldn't go . . .
we'd prefer this quiet spot, on . . .

Sunday in the park . . .
it's our summer home where we can play and sport
our fashionable resort, until it's dark,
on Sunday in the park . . .

< instrumental break  > 

< whistling verse by Elmo Tanner  > 

           Words and Music by Harold Rome, 1937

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