Prayer For Peace

Music by Nick Acquaviva with English Lyrics by Norman Gimbel
Roncom Music Company
Arranged by Joe Reisman
Perry Como with Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra
and The Ray Charles Singers
Produced by Joe Reisman
Recorded in RCA Victor's Studio A, New York,
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
Recording Time 2:56
Recorded May 1st, 1958  ~ Matrix No. J2PB-3142 Take 11
May 1, 1958 
A&R Joe Reisman
Leader: Mitchell Ayres
Contractor: Henry "Hank" Ross
Sax ~ Harry Terrill
Sax ~ Bernard Kaufman
Sax ~ Abraham Richman
Sax ~ Stanley Webb 
Sax ~ Philip Zolkind 
Trumpet ~ Malven Soloman 
Trumpet ~ James Milazzo 
Trumpet ~ Bernie Glow 
Trumpet ~ Louis Oles 
Trombone ~ Robert Byrne 
Trombone ~ John D'agostino 
Trombone ~ Robert Alexander 
French Horn ~ Anthony Miranda 
French Horn ~ Fred Klein 
Tuba ~ Harvey Phillips 
Violin ~ Tosha Samaroff 
Violin ~ Max Hollander 
Violin ~ Felix Orlewitz 
Violin ~ Harry Melnikoff 
Violin ~ Mac Ceppos 
Violin ~ Arnold Eidus 
Violin ~ Harry Urbont 
Violin ~ Ralph Silverman 
Violin ~ Harry Hoffman 
Violin ~ Maurice Hershaft 
Violin ~ Samuel Rand 
Violin ~ George Ockner 
Viola ~ Isadore Zir 
Viola ~ Howard Kay 
Viola ~ Soloman Deutsch 
Cello ~ Maurice Brown 
Cello ~ Lucien Schmit 
Cello ~ Harvey Shapiro
Cello ~ Abram Borodkin
Piano ~ Henry Rowland
Guitar ~ Danny Perri 
Drums ~ Terry Snyder 
Bass ~ Robert Haggart 
Percussion ~ Philip Kraus
Harp ~ Gloria Agostini
Contractor: Ray Charles
Lois Winter
Sue Singleton 
Trudy Packer
Carla Houston 
Rose Marie Jun
Bernice Massi 
Joyce De Young 
Anne Ryan McCord
Alan Sokoloff 
Jack Brown 
James Stover 
Steve Steck 
James Stuart 
Robert Harris
Robert Spiro
Herbert Davidson 
Robert Hartman 
David Vogel 
Leonard Stea 
Lee Book 
UK Single release: RCA-78/45RPM-1062 ( June 1958 )
Single Flip Side: "I May Never Pass This Way Again "
AUSTRALIA Single release: RCA-78/45RPM-10522 ( J2PW-0523 )
Single Flip Side: "I May Never Pass This Way Again "
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "When You Come to the End of the Day" LSP-1885 STEREO OCTOBER 1958
Album issue: RCA-45RPM EP "Perry Como Sings" UK RCX-114 ( EPA-4309 ) MONO 1958
Album issue: CAM-LP12 "The Lord's Prayer" CAS-2299 STEREO 1969
Album issue: Box Set "The Best of Perry Como" RD UK STEREO GBPC-6A 1971
When You Come to the End of the DayPerry Como SingsThe Lord's Prayer ~ 1969 CompilationThe Best of Perry Como - Reader's Digest UK 1971

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