Raindrops Keep
Fallin' On My Head
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Perry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

It's Impossible ~ December 1970Perry Como ~ It's Impossible Jukebox 33Taiwan "It's Impossible" 1971
The Best of Perry Como - Reader's Digest UK 1971This Is Perry Como Volume 2Perry Como 40 Greatest ~ K-TEL UK 1975
Perry Como - Japan 1972I Believe In Music ~ RCA Australia 1975The Incomparable Como ~ Reader's Digest UK 1975
The Best of Perry Como ~ Reader's Digest U,S. 1975Perry Como Best 24 ~ Japan Compilation 1975It's Impossible ~ Re-issue 1975 Best Buy Series
Perry Como Special ~ RCA Japan 1976Sings His Greatest Hits - Record Club Edition 1976Perry Como Forever - German Release 1976
RCA Special Products ~ Close To You 1979For the Good Times - RCA UK ReleasePerry Como's 20 Greatest Hits Volume II ( UK )
Perry Como ~ Book of the Month Club Edition, 1984Quality Records Canada "Magic Moments" 1985 compilationPerry Como ~ Gold Deluxe
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "It's Impossible" LSP-4473 STEREO DECEMBER 1970
Album issue: RCA-JUKEBOX 33 DOUBLE "It's Impossible" PRS-333 STEREO 1971
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "It's Impossible" TAIWAN PRC-5142 STEREO 1971
Album issue: Box Set "The Best of Perry Como" RD UK STEREO GBPC-6A 1971
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "This is Perry Como Vol.  2" VPS-6067 STEREO 1972
Album issue: K-TEL-LP12 "40 Greatest" K-TEL NE-700 STEREO 1975
Album issue: RCA-JAPAN-LP12 "Perry Como" SX-218 STEREO 1972
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "I Believe In Music" RCA AUSTRALIA SP-165 STEREO 1975
Album issue: Box Set "The Incomparable Como" RD UK STEREO GINC-6A 1975
Album issue: Box Set "The Best of Perry Como" RD US STEREO RDA-167-A 1975
Album issue: RCA-JAPAN-LP12 "Perry Como ~ Best 24" SRA-9350-51 STEREO 1975 
Album Re- issue: RCA-LP12 "It's Impossible" AYL1-3804 STEREO 1975
Album issue: RCA-JAPAN-LP12 "Perry Como Special" SRA-9515-16 STEREO 1976
Album issue: RCA-GERMANY-LP12 "Sings His Greatest Hits" Record Club Edition 1976
Album issue: TELDEC-LP12 "Perry Como Forever" RCA FJL-27195 GERMANY 1976
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "Close To You" RCA SP 224587 STEREO 1979
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "For the Good Times" RCA UK SDL-006 STEREO 1981
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "20 Greatest Hits Vol. 2" RCA UK NK-89020 STEREO 1983
Album issue: Box Set "Perry Como" BOTMC RECORDS 11-7775 STEREO 1984
Album issue: Quality Records-LP12 "Magic Moments" QRSP-1007 STEREO 1985
Album issue: RCA-JAPAN-LP12 "Perry Como Gold Deluxe" RCA 8025/26 STEREO POST 1974
Original RCA Recordingfrom the 1970 album "It's Impossible"   

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