Over the Rainbow ~  album linksPerry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

TV Favorites ~ Original Album 1952TV Favorites - EPB-3013Relaxing With Perry Como ~ 1956

Perry Como ~ 10 EP Box-Set 1957Relaxong with Perry ComoPrisoner of Love - RCA Italiana

No Other Love ~ 1966Easy Listening ~ 1970Over The Rainbow ~ Pure Gold Release 1978

RCA Special Products Re-release 1985

Album issue: RCA-LP10 "TV Favorites" LPM-3013 MONO ASSEMBLED MARCH 1952
Album issue: RCA-45RPM-EPB "TV Favorites" EPB-3013 MONO 1952
Album reissue: RCA-LP12 "Relaxing With Perry Como" LPM-1176 MONO 1956 
Album issue: RCA-45RPM EP BOX SET  "Perry Como" SPD-27 MONO 1957
Album: RCA-UK EP "Relaxing with Perry Como" RCX-136 MONO 1957
Album issue: RCA-ITALIANA 45RPM EP "Prisoner of Love" EPA-30-206 MONO 1958
Album issue: Camden-LP12 "No Other Love" CAS-941(e) ELECTRONIC STEREO 1965
Album issue: Camden-LP12 "Easy Listening" CXS-9002 ELECTRONIC STEREO 1970
Album issue: Pure Gold-LP12 "Over The Rainbow" ANL1-2969 ELECTRONIC STEREO 1978
Album issue: Pair Records-LP12 "Easy Listening" PDL1-1001 ELECTRONIC STEREO 1985
Original RCA RecordingVinyl Version 

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