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Lightly Latin ~ RCA Victor 1966Lightly Latin - Japan Release 1966Lightly Latin & Perry Como In Italy - Quarter Track Reel
The Best of Perry Como - Reader's Digest UK 1971The Shadow of Your Smile ~ original albumThe Shadow of Your Smile ~ UK release
Como's Golden Hits ~ UK CamdenThe Incomparable Como ~ Reader's Digest UK 1975The Best of Perry Como ~ Reader's Digest U,S. 1975
By Special Request for SylvaniaPerry Como - Signal GermanyPerry Como ~ Love Moods circa 1983
Perry Como RCA Camden Set
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "Lightly Latin" LSP-3552 STEREO 1966
Album issue: RCA-JAPAN-LP12 "Lightly Latin" SRA-5038 STEREO 1966
Quarter Track Reel "Lightly Latin & In Italy" TF3-5006 STEREO 1966
Album issue: Box Set "The Best of Perry Como" RD UK STEREO GBPC-6A 1971
Album issue: Camden-LP12 "The Shadow of Your Smile" CAS-2547 STEREO 1972
Album issue: RCA INTERNATIONAL-LP12 "The Shadow of Your Smile" INTS-1411 STEREO 1972
Album issue: Camden-LP12 "Como's Golden Hits" CDS-1148 ELECTRONIC STEREO 1972
Album issue: Box Set "The Incomparable Como" RD UK STEREO GINC-6A 1975
Album issue: Box Set "The Best of Perry Como" RD US STEREO RDA-167-A 1975
Album issue: RCA-LP12 "By Special Request" DPL1-0193 STEREO 1976
Album issue: Miller International-LP12 "Perry Como" LP SIGNAL GERMANY 121 301.6 CIRCA 1979
Album issue: Pair Records-LP12 "Love Moods" PDL1-1038 STEREO 1983
Album issue: Camden-LP12 "Perry Como Box Set" CDS-1123 / CDS-1130 / CDS-1148 (e) Circa 1980s

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